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Welcome to our Advanced E-training Webshop


Advanced E-training is a concept that we have introduced in 2010, as our main platform for our E-learning courses. Since the first e-learning course that we have released, several other "e-options" were developed and are still under development.  Through our webshop, we offer the aviation (maintenance) industry the following applications:

E-Learning:  You can easily purchase an individual User ID log-in code for the training course of your choice. Payments can be realized online by using IDEAL, GiroPay, MisterCash, or one of the Credit Card payment options. The user ID log-in code will be provided to you after the payment has successfully been submitted.  With the purchased User ID code, you can directly start the course of your choice. If you or your organisation would like to order multiple codes at the same time, please contact us to request a discount (applicable for orders of more than 10 codes at once).  We offer E-learning courses for the subjects Aviation Regulations, Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety and several other interesting training subjects. Besides these published E-learning courses, HACE can also assist you or your organisation in developing custom made e-learning courses for the subjects of your choice.

E-Examination: Testing the level of knowledge can be done with our Advanced E-training E-examination solutions. We offer not only online tests and examinations for several of our E-learning courses, but can also assist you or your organization in developing custom made E-examinations for the subjects of your choice.

E-regulations: regulations are complex and usually consist out of multiple source documents and many cross-references. Managing and tracking updates to these multiple source regulatory documents is time consuming and complicated. We consolidate all applicable multiple source documents in one E-regulations document and keep the document up to date for you. With an annual subscription, you will automatically be provided with updated versions that include the officially released amendments to the regulations.

Virtual Classroom Training: Virtual Classroom training is a fusion of E-learning and Classroom Training. Students will join a real time interactive training. Making course reservations is facilitated through our webshop. Here you can buy your individual User ID log-in code for the Virtual Classroom Training Course of your choice.